I Hope You Dance Lee Ann Womack

I Hope You Dance Lee Ann Womack
Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance, And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. Dance….I hope you dance.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

It's been awhile...

It's been a while since I last blogged nearly a year  if not already.. I had forgotten how to put these together. I'll just blame it on chemo brain..

When you have an illness you tend to become consumed with learning every detail every single nuance that pertains to it. Look for similarities with others are they experiencing the same thing? If not why me?  We become expert  researchers thanks to google and other sites .. Sometimes actually believing we know more than the Doctors.. but you know maybe we do, of course not the medical but we know ourselves.

 We have to be our own advocates. Friends and family may be well meaning. However the  ultimate decision and choices we have to make at times may be difficult but they must be "OURS" 

What I have learned is to "Find my own voice"  I have had a few serious health issues this year. I have been in and out of hospital  one stay for 2 weeks  another  for a week In fact I was released this past Tuesday.. Other times my Dr insisted. I go .. See the Emerg. Dr.. as much as they wanted to admit me I was not going .

I have hypertension problems that have been quite out of control.  More of that on another blog post.

Right now I am sort of kind of re-introducing myself back to the blogging community  I hope you will support my ramblings at times. 

I plan to try to avoid deep moody broody posts as I did have that tendency of getting quite dark..
No apologies we all get there once in awhile..

Now I hope to get caught up with those blogs I have missed and others who have since began.. 

This has been a perfect summer with the hot weather, you won't find me complaining. Look how quickly it came and went!! I am not looking forward to winter in the very least.. 

Good nite.....Alli....XX


  1. Congratulations Alli, you did it and in style too. Being and tending to yourself is something that can be very hard. We need support and to not wall ourselves off while being strong too. It could be a gift to be stuck with accounting for things like unfairness or feeling unable sometimes? Or it is what we have and that's as much sense as there is to it. I'm happy for you that this blog is here to read.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Renn.... It's been awhile , time to break the hiatus and blog again....Hope you are doing well .. Love Alli XX

  3. Glad you are back Alli. I am looking forward to more updates.

    1. Thanks Sue, Hope all is well at your end...... BTW did you move? Your grandbabies are beautiful!! Alli XX

  4. I did move but we still didn't sell our old house which is very annoying. Yep my grandbabies are very cute and give me much joy.